Benjarong – The Lingering Taste of Thailand

Benjarong – The Lingering Taste of Thailand


A restaurant, brimming with classic Thai recipes

The word Benjarong refers to a unique kind of Thai porcelain, known for its exquisitely executed patterns. Hence, a restaurant, which preserves the royal tradition of Thai cuisine, suits the name ‘Benjarong’ at its best. It is the first standalone restaurant that started serving delicious Thai foods in Chennai. It is serving Thai foods with tantalizing taste from the year of 2001 to till date.

The Thai platters please the taste buds of people, for its aromas and heady use of spices. Here, at Benjarong, they come up with Thailand’s unique culinary offerings. Their executive chefs use the finest of ingredients and take utmost care to ensure that the classic Thai recipes are prepared and presented with perfection. The signature dishes of this Thai restaurant are Gai hor baitaey, Tom yum, Som tam Thai, Pahd Benjarong, Pla nung manow, Kaeng keow wahn, Kaeng Ped, and many others.

Amongst these signature dishes, we, the team of Am2pm food, have tried a lot. But prior to serving these dishes, they served us lemon grass tea as welcome drink. It was filled with the authentic flavor of lemon grass.

Now it was time to savour the real taste of Thailand. Gai hor baitaey, a signature dish in Benjarong over a decade, is a non vegetarian appetizer. It is basically succulent morsels of chicken, delicately marinated and wrapped in pandanus leaves and deep fried.

Tom Yum is another signature recipe that satisfied our taste buds. It is a sour and spicy soup flavored with lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and bird eye chilies. We were also served a classic raw papaya salad with dried shrimps from North-east Thailand, named Som Tam Thai. From the non vegetarian main course, we have tasted Pla nung manow. It was prepped with steamed fish fillets in lemon coriander sauce on a bed of lemon grass.

All of these dishes were supreme delicacies. It was our pleasure, getting the tantalizing taste of Thailand, while sitting in the southern part of India. A lot of celebrities love to eat Thai food in Benjarong. Sachin Tendulkar and A R Rahman are among them.

If you love Thai foods, you can head over to this place and choose your chicken, fish, salad or soup in any flavor you prefer.


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