A Night

A Night


Day 01: (04th Feb’15 midnight) 

I can feel cold thrills when I pass by my corridor during that night, its there I can sense. My room door was open and in the midnight, I can feel someone staring me and calling me. I am feeling heavy in my sleep and I can image myself and feel the one who is there at my room’s door. I started feeling so heavy now and I am not being able to incite myself. It was struggling night & I can still feel the cold chills and feelings, which I went through.

Day 02: (05th Feb’15 midnight)

Today I again had the same experience, but this time it’s more than day 1, I somehow saw a glimpse of that spirit on my corridor, can’t describe the presence but I understood. Suddenly I woke up in the midnight and a tree next to my window gave me a feeling for the presence of mortal, perhaps it’s my imagination as it was dark outside and the moonshine was falling on that tree. But whatever inside was happening it was entirely real, it’s not imagination, what I saw and felt I am conveying through.


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