Teppan, the perfect destination for the Japanese food lovers

Teppan, the perfect destination for the Japanese food lovers


Do you love the taste of Japan? Would you love to get the real taste of Japan, while you are in India? If so, you must know the name of Teppan Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar. It is the first standalone teppanyaki grill in the country and started its journey in the year of 2009.

Once we reached the place, we have felt that there is a team, eager to please the customers. There is a group of executive chefs who are dedicated to prepare the Japanese dishes with proper balance of flavors and textures, by using authentic ingredients.

Apart from playing with the flavors of Japan, the restaurant comes up with a decoration which will make you feel that you are sitting elsewhere, in Japan. The plush purple and black interiors and the Japanese artifacts will take you to Japan for a while.

A wide selection of Japanese recipes, such as sushi, sashimi, salads, starters, soups and main courses, is offered by the restaurant. The team of this restaurant is focused on serving the best quality food. We have enjoyed the taste of Japan with some special recipes named Salmon sashimi, Kappa maki, Spicy tofu and avocado maki, Nigiri moriawase, Miso shiru and many others. I loved the dish Spicy tofu and avocado maki. It is silken tofu mildly spiced and rolled with avocado, iceberg lettuce and topped with tempura crunch. The heavenly taste of this recipe was a lifetime experience for me. I prefer soup for no specific reason. Probably it was the reason that I have enjoyed having Miso shiru. It is a traditional Japanese soup made with fermented soy bean paste, tofu and scallions.
The other special dishes that we got in our platters were also real delicacies. I could find no good reason to not choosing ‘Teppan Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar’ to enjoy the perfect Japanese meal in India.

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