About the Author

It has seldom been said that falling and being in love will make a writer out of anyone, and even though it might not apply to everyone, that holds true in the case of the author, Vikaas Verma. Having dealt with several encounters of heartbreak and love alike, Vikaas has taken his personal experiences from his time spent within the “City of Joy”, Kolkata, and done beautifully what any author would do – jotted down his thoughts framed in the best way possible, from his brain to a paper in the most expressive form of words. Dwelling over topics which any average person living today can relate to, Vikaas looks forward to continue his expressive and direct style of writing through many up and coming works.

About the Book

A picture is worth a thousand words. And as true as that statement is, there’s also words, which when put together perfectly, can paint a thousand pictures as well. Whether it be melancholy, joy, love or heartbreak, words are known to have their way through and into people, switching bad days to good ones, and sad days to happy ones. It’s based on those elements and many such scenarios in real life that the beautiful anthology of quotes within this volume were thought up. With thoughts representing every field of life, they express the words which certain if not most individuals struggle with in certain sensitive situations which life brings up at all of our doorsteps.